The cast (part 1)

Piczle is built around a central group of characters whose adventures inevitably lead to logic-puzzle solving. The cast has grown slowly over each Piczle game, with the main focus always being on our central three characters; Professor Matrix, Score-chan and Gig. 2019’s Piczle Colors saw a little more in-depth information on them by way of an unlockable 3D model viewer which also provided some insights into their personalities.

In this post I’ll briefly go over our main heroes, who they are and where they come from.

Professor Matrix

The very first ever Piczle game was released way back in 2010 for iPhone only and featured the professor as the main, and only (sort of) character. His look has changed a little over time, but not by much. His personality, as personalities are wont to do, hasn’t changed a jot. He is kind, caring, scatter-brained, slightly careless and above all smart, but smart in an inventor-type way. He is the one who comes up with all the gadgets and inventions that Score-chan invariably misuses and causes havoc with.

Piczle Cross Adventure will finally introduce a foil for the professor, an antagonist worthy of his intellect!


Score-chan burst onto the Piczle scene in 2016 in a series of Piczle Lines games aimed at kids called Piczle Lines Jr. (Android and iOS). Each of the games (red, green and blue editions) contained a 100 puzzles each and no IAPs or adverts.

She is a humanoid android created by the professor as an iteration of his chatbot robot that featured in the background of the 2010 Piczle Lines. She bears the Score Studios logo on her dress (a pouch pocket), a game controller visor, headphones and a USB-tail. She is very much her own person and pretty much does as she pleases. She can be bribed into doing tasks by promising her pizza.

Her favourite hobbies are eating and refusing to take responsibility.


Gig was originally named “Score-chan” and featured briefly as an interface helper in 2010’s Piczle Lines. By 2016 they turned into a full fledged side character and renamed Gig, their original name usurped by that pesky android girl.

They are always tasked with helping Score-chan fix her mess and is required to do a lot of the heavy lifting. Yet they never complain, mostly because they are mute.


D-bug is the professor’s fat, lazy cat and made his debut in 2017’s Piczle Lines DX, where he was responsible (partly) for spreading the Piczle dust that caused havoc.

In the next blog post we’ll finally see who our heroes are up against in Piczle Cross Adventure’s epic story!

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