The cast (part 2)

Piczle Cross Adventure introduces two new characters to act as foils for our intrepid heroes. The story picks up at the end of Piczle Lines DX (don’t worry – you won’t have had to play Piczle Lines DX to play Piczle Cross Adventure! A handy recap/introduction to the game will explain everything you need to know). A mysterious craft hovers in space as Score-chan accidentally leaves behind a batch of the professor’s Piczle Dust.


This vaguely familiar-looking robot, armed with some kind of zapping device, has been rampaging through the professor’s neighbourhood turning everything into pixelly clouds of dust. She seems singularly determined to complete her mission, which, if her shouts of “PIXELATE!” every time she zaps things is anything to go by, is to pixelate the entire world!

Powered by Piczle dust and armed with Piczle dust she is a metal menace that needs to be dealt with!

Dr. Mona Chromatic

The mysterious Dr. Mona Chromatic is a riddle, wrapped in an enigma, dressed in a fetching purple dress. All we really know about her is that she passed her PhD, likes a good Evil laugh and prefers to see the world in black & white only. She created under_SCORE to do her bidding and is the mastermind behind the seemingly slapdash plan to turn the whole world into a mess of black & white pixels for no other reason than she hates colour.

Who is she? Where did she come from? Can our heroes stop her? Why does under_SCORE bear a striking resemblance to Score-chan? These questions, and fewer, might be answered in Piczle Cross Adventure!

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