Try before you buy

If there is one bit of advice I could give budding game developers it’s “don’t give up your day job!” If there are 2 pieces of advice I could give I’d also say “Make a demo version of your game!”

The Nintendo Switch market is, to put it lightly, difficult. For developers it is, anyway, maybe not for consumers. For game players it’s a great platform with a tonne of choice and a lot of sales. For the developer it’s a great platform despite the tonne of competition and the many sales. One good way of reaching potential players is by releasing a free demo version, a quick taster of the full game.

The Piczle Lines DX Nintendo eShop banner with the lovely blue “FREE DEMO” overlay.

Especially with games like Piczle, i.e. logic-puzzle games that rely a lot on a hook, having a free offering for people to try is a massive boon. No cost, a small time investment and people can tell whether they’ll think the game is worth purchasing. Piczle Colors released simultaneously with a free demo version so it’s difficult to measure its effectiveness. Piczle Lines DX however released first, the demo version some time later. Once that demo was released there was a noticeable uptick in sales.

The Piczle Colors game icon for the demo version.

For Piczle Cross Adventure I wanted to make the demo version itself something special even for those who already have decided they want the full game (you know who you are, you’re all awesome!) This time the demo will feature an area and puzzles that will not appear in the full game.

Not only will it give players a good sense of what the rest of the game offers, it won’t have the players make progress in only a small part of the game only to have to start all over if they decide to buy the full version. No, this time the demo is entirely stand-alone. A few puzzles that do not appear anywhere in the full version, an area and art that features in the demo version only, and some fun, knowing dialogues.

Release dates of either the full version or the demo haven’t really been decided yet, but I’m sure I’ll shout it from the rooftops once they are! Please do check out the free demo once it’s out, whether you are getting the full game or not. I think you’ll enjoy it!

And if you haven’t tried out Piczle Lines DX or Piczle Colors yet, they both have free demos on the Nintendo eShop! Give them a go!

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