Taking a break!

Well, gosh, it’s been a busy year. This development blog has been a great way for me to take the occasional breather from developing Piczle Cross Adventure. I do certainly plan to continue with it up to and potentially after release, but for now it’s time for a little hiatus.

December is a good month to lay low for a bit. Though Japan doesn’t celebrate Christmas in quite the same way as Westerners like myself do, it is still the end of the year. More than that, it is also the end of another decade, and boy, what a decade it’s been! It’s time for some relaxation and reflection.

I’m not going to post on this devblog for the rest of December, but I will pick it up again in the new year. Let’s tackle 2020 with renewed spirit and vigour and by Jove, let’s make it a better year than the last few have generally been.

Have a great December, everybody!

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