Status update

Happy 2020, everybody! I hope you all had a very good holiday break. I certainly have! Apparently my self-imposed schedule of releasing a game per (calendar) year has been taking it out of me. As such I switched off entirely (kind of) for a couple of weeks and caught up on a lot of sleep, relaxing and playing games.

In case you missed it, I tweeted two Piczle Cross puzzles on the Score Twitter feed. If you want to give them a try, they can be found here and here (with their solutions respectively here and here). These are not puzzles that appear in the game or the demo, though!

Piczle Cross Adventure has been signed by publishers, one for Japan and one for the rest of the world. Announcement on those details will follow at some point. Currently the publishers are working on the localisations. Once those are delivered and implemented the game can go for QA (quality assurance, i.e. testing). Assuming a couple of back and forths on that, the game could be submitted for approval to Nintendo very early in 2020.

The release date is set by the publishers, who will have their own ideas of how to best present the game and when. Please be patient as they work on that. Once they are ready to present a release date I’ll be posting about it. I know some of you are hungry for logic-puzzles, sooner rather than later, but it in this business setting appropriate release dates is very important.

The demo of the game is ready as well. It takes place in an area entirely separate from the main game, with a set of puzzles unique to the demo. This, too, is awaiting localisation. I still need to add some preview screenshots but as those also require the localised texts I’ve put off that task until later.

Lastly, one rather silly way I “relaxed” was by messing around with a prototype for a potential future Piczle game. It’s very early days yet, and I can’t commit to anything right now, but I thought it would be best to rebrand the devblog to a general “Piczle DevBlog” rather than one specifically for Piczle Cross Adventure. This will allow me to drop in occasional titbits that are not directly related to one specific game.

I still have to create appropriate Twitter animations for this rebranding, and promise to add images in every post, unlike today’s. I blame my sluggish return to a work state of mind.

If there are things you want to see discussed on this devblog don’t be afraid to leave a comment or to reach out through other means (like email or Twitter).

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