UE4 support

Unless you enter into a private arrangement with Epic Games, as a EULA user you won’t have access to “proper” tech support. As not every indie developer has the kind of money to sign custom deals like that, most of us rely on other sources for insight and help. Here are just a few of them.

In the search for better alternatives to Twitter and Facebook a lot of people have flocked to Discord. One of the benefits is the real-time chat-like nature of your interactions, as well as a huge, diverse number of, as Discord calls them, servers to cater to any hobby or subject. Needless to say there are several servers that deal with Unreal as well.

Unreal Slackers may be one of the larger ones. It is chockful of developers, from hobbyists to professionals, and some Epic Games folk as well. Any kind of problem can be presented here and very often someone can offer you some directions to solving it. There are also portfolio and jobs channels. In short it is probably one of the better one-stop-shops for anything Unreal related on Discord.

Epic Games’ own forums are a good source for information as well. Some sub-forums are not as well populated as others, and like most forums, you kind of need to contribute and foster a good community to get the most out of it. On top of that, some platform-specific forums are locked behind an NDA wall, making them even less populated. But I’ve had plenty of useful insights from the official forums, so it’s definitely a good place to check!

Other platforms too have their specific groups. Both Reddit and Facebook have groups where indie developers chat, show their work and seek advice or information.

On Facebook try out public groups like the UE4 Game Developers Club or the Unreal Engine 4 Developers Community. On Reddit maybe join r/gamedev or r/unrealengine.

One of your most valuable resources being an indie game developer is your connection to other developers. There are numerous general and specialised communities, forums and Discords where you can freely and openly chat with other developers and it is highly recommended you do so! Pick a community that gels with you and become an active, participating member.

No matter where you are it is likely you’ll be near a game or developer group that organises meetups or events. Attending events is the best way to meet other developers and making connections and friends.

Whenever you come across a problem in the development of your game there is a very good chance somebody had and already solved a very similar problem. Similarly, you may have insights that can greatly help another struggling developer. By sharing insights and knowledge with other developers you can not only become a much better developer yourself but you will be helping others become better and stronger as well.

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