Piczle Cross Adventure release!

Just a quick update today. This week saw the Japanese launch of Piczle Cross Adventure for the Nintendo Switch eShop, with the EU and US releases to follow, as well as the PC Steam version, next week on April 16th.

The day players can buy and play the game – and invariably start finding bugs that have eluded myself and the QA teams – is the day I consider the game fully released. In the “old days” you had a physical object you could hold and look at; a game box, with disc or cartridge, that represented the final product. That felt a lot more final than these days when esoterically a byte somewhere on Nintendo’s servers get flipped and your game is available to the general public.

I do make it a little bit of a special occasion when this happens, though, to mentally mark the end of a long and arduous road from idea, through to concept and production to final release. I switch on my, um, Switch, look at the store page, play my game a bit. It feels like a full stop to the process (notwithstanding patches and potential updates).

Piczle Cross Adventure received some nice notices in Japan’s most famous gaming magazine Famitsu; a silver award score. But also a mention on the Japanese Nintendo news channel on the Switch. Hopefully people will enjoy it as much as I rather selfishly am. I do make games for myself to enjoy first and foremost – that is the only way I know how to make fun. I just hope players will agree with me.

So a quiet week for me to enjoy the bliss and glow of my little achievement in the shadow of some weird Tokyo emergency and voluntary lock-down backdrop. Stay safe, everybody, and if you like Piczle games please help spread the word on Piczle Cross Adventure!

Check out the Japanese eShop page for Piczle Cross Adventure!

Add Piczle Cross Adventure to your Steam wishlist! The more people wishlist it the more it helps with visibility in the long run!

11 thoughts on “Piczle Cross Adventure release!

  1. I bought this game because I like a little bit of nonograms. It always takes me a while to finish, I’m not quit like Albert Einstein, that’s fine with me tough. So I bought this yesterday on Nintendo Switch.
    This game is way better as what I expected. The pixel art is very fine. I love exploring the town, figuring out how to get into new areas. Helping people out, restoring the animals.
    The nonograms are well crafted too. Challenging but solvabale by logic.

    Best nonogram game ever.


  2. I love this game as I’m nearing the end and I wish there was alot more. I just reached level 9 and I’m about to do the 16 square Mega Picross. I have 3 things that are driving me crazy.

    I thought that you can warp using the map but I never figured out how to. I have the Switch version.

    Where is the coin in the Desert?

    I’m missing puzzle #95 on the Beach. Is there something special about this particular puzzle?

    There are 2 glitches. The icecream puzzle #34 didn’t fall into place correctly when completely. The same for The UFO puzzle #219. The graphics for the 2 finished items, hover over where they belong.


    1. Ok the beach puzzle was an after game puzzle so just the other 2 questions. Thanks! Unless getting to level 10 and beating that beach puzzle gets me something to find the coin in the desert.


      1. Something you find after the beach puzzle will help you find that desert coin. 🙂

        There is no warping around the map. It was one of the features I decided in the end wasn’t really going to fit with the game design, but I may have been wrong.

        Sorry about the glitches! 😦 I get occasional reports about similar occurrences but they are hard to track down because they never seem to occur in the same places. I’ll keep digging though!


      2. Yeah I found out. Guess I should have kept going before asking. Lol

        The warping isn’t really necessary. It was just when I got the map, the woman in the store said something about it.

        The glitches are so minor. I would give this game a 10/10 and I don’t consider many games that good. I love picross and the way everything was done, was perfect. Maybe some color picross that I have yet to try. Any chance of another game like this? 🙂


  3. So, I finally beat the game today on Nintendo switch. As far as I can tell, I completed all the puzzles (including the “game person” ones – bleep bloop!), but didn’t unlock the grandmaster trophy. I hadn’t done the tutorial or used the hint roulette, so I went back and did both of those to unlock those two, but still no grandmaster trophy. All the others appear to be unlocked.

    Is this a glitch or is there a super secret trophy I’m missing?

    I’m not so concerned about the trophy, but if there’s part of the game I missed I want to go find it! Picross/nonogram puzzles are a favorite of mine!


  4. Hello,

    I started the game two days ago and I totally love it.
    Have you thought about releasing a physical edition of the game? It would be amazing.



  5. I bought the Indi gems bundle after playing the brilliant Piczle Cross demo, but I just can’t get on with the ‘dual’ icon. I’ve deleted it right away! I need a separate icon for each game Picto Quest and Piczle Cross. As you stated we don’t have physical copies anymore but a separate icon at least is then closest we can get. Just my OCD’ness. I’m on the verge of buying the games again separately. £8.99 each as Nintendo don’t do refunds 😦 .


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