Score Studios’ 11th Anniversary

Score Studios was founded on June 11th 2009, 11 years ago this week! This month we’ll see a series of Piczle sales, the release of the Piczle Cross Adventure demo (featuring a unique area and puzzles) and a few features to celebrate. Coincidentally it is also the 10th anniversary of Piczle, with Piczle Lines, the very first in the series, released on iOS way back in 2010.

Interestingly (arguably) it was my desire to create a nonogram game that lead to a series of events that culminated in the incorporation of Score Studios. Around that time the iPhone was released and it became clear that if a game was to be published on this nifty little device touch-screen was pretty much a requirement. Nonograms are usually only challenging/fun at larger sizes, sizes too large to make touch-input on the iPhone’s (then) tiny little screen impossible.

Instead the very first game released by Score Studios, back in 2009, also for the nascent iPhone, was “Flock It!”, a little fun/frustrating sheep herding game. The player tapped on the screen and the sheep would move away from where the player had touched. They would also follow their own mind and with rivers, mud and electric fences getting these little chaps to their pen was not always an easy task.

What followed were a few more small scale iPhone apps and games until in 2010 Piczle Lines was released, introducing professor Matrix and a novel new way to present logic-puzzle games. This type of logic-puzzle, too, lent itself really well to the iPhone’s touch-screen. It wouldn’t be until 2016 that I could revisit Piczle with a series of Piczle Lines Jr. games aimed at kids, and following that up with Piczle Lines DX. This was then reworked to be a Nintendo Switch game, the first, but certainly not the last, of Score Studios’ games on the platform.

It wasn’t until 2020 that I finally managed to fulfil my nonogram dreams with the release of Piczle Cross Adventure.

At this stage it is hard to say what #theNEXTPiczle will be exactly. I’m working on two prototypes, one of which will be pushed to full development, but which it will be is hard to judge at this stage.

Score Studios will trundle along for hopefully a while yet. I look back at 11 years with pride and humility in equal measures. I certainly couldn’t have done it without the continued support of the players, Piczle fans and indie development supporters out there! Thank you all so much! I hope to be able to provide you with more logic-puzzle fun and enjoyment for the foreseeable future.

Finally, I had the pleasure to chat with about Piczle, which you can read about here, and Rainy Frog, the publisher of most of my Piczle games, started a new feature on their website chatting to the developers, for which I was the happy first participant. You can read about that here.

Check out the eShop page for Piczle Cross Adventure and download the free demo! Or grab Piczle Cross Adventure on Steam! Piczle Cross Adventure is on sale now on the Nintendo Switch for a short while!

Piczle Lines DX, Piczle Lines DX 500 More Puzzles! and Piczle Colors are also on sale at massive discounts to celebrate the anniversary! Don’t miss out!

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