A slow return

Hello readers! As some of you who follow Score Studios’ social media pages (Twitter, Instagram or Facebook) may have noticed I have recently happily welcomed a daughter to the world, which has frankly taken a lot of my time and energy – hence the lack of devblog posts over the last few weeks.

They always say how hard it is to do anything once you have a newborn, but I didn’t realise that didn’t refer to the sleepless nights and constant care but rather how much more fun it is just staring at and being with your baby than it is to actually do any work. I have slowly been slipping back into something of a routine though and will pick up the devblog posts again.

I may not be posting weekly, as I was, but I will try to be fairly regular, and provide insights and sneak peeks again. If you have any specific requests for post content or ideas please don’t hesitate to get in touch or leave a comment!

Thank you for your patience!

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