Faking it

However fine an engine Unreal Engine 4 is and however great its tools and visual scripting, there are definitely a few areas it doesn't quite measure up. One of those things is its not-supported-really-but-kinda-in-there Paper2D component, which Piczle Cross Adventure relies on quite heavily. Now of course I could (and perhaps should) be called foolhardy … Continue reading Faking it

Sprites! Sprites! SPRITES!

Rare is the project that uses a single tool for art asset creation and Piczle Cross Adventures is no exception. In this post I'll talk a little about the tools and processes used to create some of the art. As a life-long Photoshop user (no kidding, I was on board since version 2.5, which didn't … Continue reading Sprites! Sprites! SPRITES!

Introducing Piczle Cross Adventure

It is a little know but perhaps somewhat interesting fact that before Score Studios was founded I was working on a picture crossword (nonogram, "picross") type game on my own. I simply love these kinds of puzzles, so more than anything it was a labour of love. Once Score Studios became a legal entity and … Continue reading Introducing Piczle Cross Adventure